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Corman Drosten Review Report

Dieser Report wurde ins Deutsche übersetzt.

Main Review Report – Updated 5.03.2021 [PDF/DOCX] Retraction Letter Request to Eurosurveillance Editorial Board [PDF/DOCX] Tables & Figures [PNG/PDF/JPG, 300dpi, max. Print Resolution 21×20 cm] Supplementary Material by
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Kämmerer & Team survey [XLSX Table],
Powerpoint Presentation on Corman-Drosten RT-qPCR-protocol survey [PPTX],
Kevin McKernan Thermofischer Online Primer Dimer Web Tool Results [PDF/DOCX/PNG],
Email Communication Dr. Pieter Borger with Co-Authors of the Corman-Drosten paper [PDF] and Eurosurveillance Editorial Board in regards to paper-review editorial protocol [PDF],
Review Report Submission at Eurosurveillance Online Upload Portal – Documentation [JPGs] corman-drosten-review-paper